In Solidarty with Pashtoon Long March

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Afghan Intellectuals' Global Community

DR. Zaland In California

On July 29th, The Afghan Intellectuals' Global Community held a conference on Peace in Afghanistan and invited an Afghan scholar, Kabul University Professor Dr. Zaland to give a speach to Afghan Americans in Hayward, California.

إِنَّا للّه وإِنّا إِلَیهِ رَاجِعُونَ

د قران پاک ختم او د فاتحی خبرتیا

.څو ورځی مخکی د کابل په پیښه کی په سلهاوو زمونږ بیوزلی هیوادوال شهیدان او زخمیان شول

د وروستیو وحشتناکو او ویرجنو پیښو له امله د روڼ اندانو نړیواله ټولنه په کلیفرنیا کی د ټولو هیوادوالو نه هیله کوی چی زمونږ سره د قران شریف په ختم او فاتحه کی کډون وکړي.

برگزاری مراسم فاتحه خوانی برای قربانیان حمله تروریستی اخیرکابل

از هم وطنان عزیز احترامانه دعوت می شوی تا در محفل فاتحه خوانی و ختم قران اشتراک ورزند.

The endless bloodshed in Afghanistan continue
and once again brought tears and deep grievance to all of us.
Every Afghan family lost at least one or more members of their family. Some of us lost entire family. In this endless war not only we Afghans lost our love ones, but also those brave and peace loving people who tried to pull us from this misery. To remember and share our condolences to the victims of current terrorist attacks, the Afghan Intellectuals' global community is going to hold a prayer service. Please join us and share your thought and sorrow.

For more information, Please contact:
Tariq Sahil and Shamshad Saadat.

Nancy Dupree: Renowned US historian dies in Afghanistan

An American historian who spent decades in Afghanistan working to preserve the heritage of the war-torn country has died following a long illness. An Afghan government statement said on Sunday that Nancy Hatch Dupree, who first came to Afghanistan in 1962 and spent much of her life collecting and documenting historical artefacts, died in Kabul overnight at the age of 90. She amassed a vast collection of books, maps, photographs and even rare recordings of folk music, all now housed at Kabul University, and wrote five guidebooks. Many Afghans viewed Dupree as one of their own, and hundreds of people posted condolences on social media.

Mashal Khan,
A Youth With A Promising Future

Mashal Khan, a journalism student at Abdul Wali Khan University in Mardan, Pakistan, was killed by a large group of students over an allegedly heated debate.

إِنَّا للّه وإِنّا إِلَیهِ رَاجِعُونَ

د استاد سعدالدین شپون پر مړینه د افغان روڼ اندانو نړيړالی ټولنی غمرازۍ

With the death of Ustaad Shpoon, the Afghans loses one of those great minds and great persons that make Humankind so precious. Afghans loses its best Poet, Writer and thinker and a powerful intellectual of this centurey. Our condolences to the family and all Afghans. Read More

In Solidarty with Pashtoon Long March

Afghan community in California invites you to join us and become the voice of Afghans on both side of the Durand line, who are the victims of violence, extremism and terrorism, as well as to share our condolences with families of those who have lost their loved one in terrorist attacks around the world.

Saturday, February 10, 2018 - 2:00 to 5:30PM

Golden Peacock Banquets
24989 Santa Clara Street
Hayward, California

Holding a Vigil

Honoring our hero and remembering the Victims of Terrorism

Date: Feb. 18th, 2018
Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Address: San Francisco Civic Center, Goodlett Entrance


Meeting with Majeed Qarar, Cultural Attache at the Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington DC.

Afghan intellectuals' Global Community was honored to meet Mr. Majeed Qarar and present him a certificate of appreciation for his hard work, dedication and patriotism. Auguest 22, 2018

Honoring our hero and remembering the Victims of Terrorism