Board Members of the Afghan Intellectual Global Community

Shahi Sadat

President of the Afghan Intellectual Global Community

The Afghan-American activist, Shahi Sadat, is a poet, and a novelist who is recognized and respected among Afghan intellectuals. He was born in eastern Afghanistan in June 1972, to a well-established, politically active, family. His early life was spent among politicians, doctors, businessmen, and military personnel. For a short time he was under the protection of both of his grandfathers, General Sadat Khan and General Anwar Khan. Sadat was still very young when the Russian invaded the country, an event that led to the slaughter of millions, including many members of his own family who were persecuted, imprisoned, and summarily executed. In 1985, because of the imminent danger, his family left the village of Sadat’s birth and settled in Pesha-war, Pakistan. Despite the harsh living conditions and hostile environment, his parents managed to pro-tect him from the rampant extremism of the educational system and enrolled him in a modern school, which was a luxury for an Afghan child. But realizing that Afghan children had no future in Pakistan, they sent him to Germany, to be able to continue his education. In 1994 Sadat immi-grated to the US and took up residence in Concord, California, and after attending Diablo Valley College, he was admitted to San Francisco State University where he received his BA in Interna-tional Relations. Having lived in different countries, Sadat learned not only different languages, but also different cultures and ways of life, all of which he found to be extremely useful in his chosen profession. From early childhood, Sadat has been deeply involved in writing and is the author of sev-eral published books that include Dancing in Terror, a novel in English, several poetry books Tears of the Heart, a collection of poems in Pashto, German, Urdu, English and Farsi, From the Breath of Life to the Sigh of Death, a collection of poems, aphorisms and short stories in English, and Mother’s Sorrow written in Pashto. From 2005 to 2007, Sadat worked as a bridge between the International and Afghan communities, to bring peace, security, stability, and prosperity to the country. As a result of his interest, multicultural knowledge, and diplomatic skills, he played a critical role in the reconcilia-tion process. Because of his contribution, he gained the trust of various community leaders and was known for his honesty and frankness so that many Afghans believe that he was voice of the silent and disfranchised majority. From 2013 to 2016 Sadat was senior Pashto lecturer in one of the most prestigious lan-guage institute, in Monterey, California. Currently he is the president of the Afghan Intellectuals Global Community. Sadat argues that “everyone of us is busy talking about problems, but no one talks about the source of the problems and if we don’t find a solution for the root cause, our efforts, and our sacrifices will be fruitless.”

Bilal Mangal

Vice President, Afghan Intellectuals Global Community

Bilal Mangal was born in Paktia, Afghanistan, 1987. He completed his primary education in Hangu, Khyber Pakhtonkhwa and graduated from Patan high school in Paktia in 2006. After he completed his high school, he got his admission in International Islamic University (IIU), Islamabad—Pakistan, from where he received a 4-year degree in Economics with honor in 2013. During his tenure as a student, Mr. Mangal volunteered as a finance officer of Afghan Student Union (ASU) for one year. Soon after graduating from IIUI, Mr. Mangal obtained internship in the embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Islamabad Pakistan. He was working as an assistant to second secretary of education and cultural attaché for a year. He moved to United States in 2014. Right now he is perusing master degree in public administration from California State University, East Bay. He is the contact person for the Afghan intellectual Goble Community and arranges monthly board meetings.

Ahmad Safi

Board of Directors, Afghan Intellectual Global Community

Ahmad Safi is a Senior Instructor at a very prestigious institute in California. He graduated from Amani High School in Kabul Afghanistan, in 1995. Mr. Safi immigrated to Pakistan in 1996, where he attended the ESL Center, and learned English. After graduating from the ESL Center, he started teaching English-as- a- Second Language in Islamabad, Pakistan. He immigrated to the United States in 2003 and started working in various organizations as a Customer Service Consultant and Sales Associate. In 2016, he earned his Bachelor degree from Brandman University in Organizational Leadership. Now he is pursuing his Master’s (M.S.) degree in Instruction Science and Technology at California State University Monterey Bay. He is married and has 2 daughters. He lives with his family in Marina.

Saqeb Kamranzai

Board of Directors, Afghan Intellectual Global Community

Saqeb Kamranzai was born in Kunr Province, Afghanistan in 1983. In the same year he left Afghanistan with his family and become refugee in Pakistan. At the age of eight he lost his father, but his uncle took care of him and sent him to school. In 2003 he was graduated from Mirwais Hotak High School in Peshawar. Alongside of his modern education he also continued Islamic Study. He returned to Afghanistan and got his job with US Army Corps of Engineers from 2003 to 2014. He moved to United States of America in 2014 and continued his education in Medical field. Mr. Kamranzai is an excellent writer. Because of his modern education, Islamic Study as well as 11 year experience with US Army and close relation with Afghan Intellectuals’ Community, Kamranzai gained respect and trust of his community. Currently he has been settled in Sacramento California. He is very active and proud member of the board of the directors of the Afghan Intellectual Global Community.

Dr. Hanif Salarzai

Board of Directors, Afghan Intellectual Global Community

Mr. Salarzai was born in Kumar, Afghanistan in May 4, 1978. In the same year, right after the overthrown and assassination of Afghanistan’s elected president Mohammad Dawud and his entire family by communist party, he left Afghanistan with his family for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In 1996 he attained his Bachelor of Science from Peshawar University. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Shaiekh Zayed University, faculty of medicine in 2002. He worked as fellow physician in Department of Medicine and surgery at Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar from 2002 to 2006. From 2014 to 2015 he went to Cal State East Bay Hayward to study Non Profit Management. Besides working for Human Rights Development and Welfare Organization HRDWO, Afghanistan as director, he is involved with various Non Profit Organizations in the United States of America as well as in Afghanistan for the well being of Afghans. Mr. Salarzai is one of the leading and trusted voices of the Afghan community not only here in the United States of America, but also in Afghanistan. He built his close relation based on trust and respect with Afghan communities across the world. He is a great asset to our organization.

Meeting with Majeed Qarar, Cultural Attache at the Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington DC.

Afghan intellectuals' Global Community was honored to meet Mr. Majeed Qarar and present him a certificate of appreciation for his hard work, dedication and patriotism. Auguest 22, 2018


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