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Peaceful Protest Denouncing Terrorism

د 2018 کال په ترڅ کی د افغان روڼ اندانو ټولنی د کلیفرنیا په بیلا بیلو ښارونو کی سره راټول او د پښتون ژغورنې د غورځنگ په ملاتړ یی غونډی وکړی. په دی غونډو کی د پاکستان او ایران مداخلی او په افغانستان کی د دواړو هیوادونو تروریستی اعمال وغندل شول . دا هم د غونډو څو انځورونه

In Solidarty with Pashtoon Long March



Afghan community in California invites you to join us and become the voice of Afghans on both side of the Durand line, who are the victims of violence, extremism and terrorism, as well as to share our condolences with families of those who have lost their loved one in terrorist attacks around the world.

Chamtala Water well, AIGC Initiated First Project

This drinking water project has been under construction in Chamtala Nangarhar Afghanistan with solar system that will provide power to pump out water for about 100 families. Afghan intellectual global community would like to thank all those who helped us financially to implement this project. We are looking forward for your support in future projects such as this one. Our organization is always in your service in this noble cause. The people of Chamtala walk about 10 miles just to provide drinking water for their families every day. Let us help them to bring this basic need (water) closer to their homes.

Video of completion of the project

Video of start of the project

Video of progress of the project

Most Afghans still do not have access to clean drinking water despite billions of dollars invested by the international community to supply the nation with a steady supply. Today in Afghanistan, waterborne diseases are common. The levels of diarrhea and dysentery, especially among small children, are at epidemic proportions. As well, a large number of people suffer from cholera because of dirty drinking water.

Tourture of Asif Momand By Ata

The Balkh provincial council member Asif Momand has warned of repercussions if the government failed to properly pursue his torture case involving the governor of Balkh province Ata Mohammad Noor.

Meeting with Majeed Qarar, Cultural Attache at the Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington DC.

Afghan intellectuals' Global Community was honored to meet Mr. Majeed Qarar and present him a certificate of appreciation for his hard work, dedication and patriotism. Auguest 22, 2018

Honoring our hero and remembering the Victims of Terrorism