About Us

Afghan Intellectuals' Global Community (AIGC)

Mission Statement:

We believe that the preservation of justice is the only path to peace, security, and prosperity.  Therefore our goal is to fight poverty, to guide Afghans in restoring justice in their communities and to empower their civil-society. Equally we wish to bring Afghanistan closer to the international community as well as to bring its citizens closer to each other through education, dialog, seminars, media, publications, and lectures. 


After four decade of non-stop-war, destruction, and bloodshed in Afghanistan, a group of exiled Afghan Intellectuals, community leaders, and students have come to the conclusion that there is an urgent need for healing the wounds, and preparing Afghans to work with each other, along with the international community in order to create justice, security, and peace as well as to recruit young leaders for the future of Afghanistan. Along with security and reconstruction projects there is a dire need for well-qualified individuals to collectively utilize their influence, energy, and resources to end this bloodshed and to improve the lives of those civilians who are struggling to survive in this harsh condition.  Hundreds of thousands of precious lives have been lost, billions of dollars have been wasted that ended up in the pockets of a few unsavory individuals, but still we are far from having a secure and stable Afghanistan. Because of the ongoing wars, too little attention has been paid to projects geared toward developing peace.  Our organization will try to bring together experts on Afghanistan to have honest discussions based on facts on the ground, without any kind of prejudice, self-interest, or pressure to find possible solutions to the inherent problems. Our organization is ready to provide our own expertise to those who would like to help free Afghanistan from the problems that continue to have engulfed the country for the past half century.  Because of our highly qualified and dedicated team, we are not only able to provide the best possible solutions to the assigned problems, but also we are ready to guide and assist those who are interested bringing stability to that part of the world.  We can become trusted partner with the implementation the projects that can bring positive change in the lives of Afghans.  We have experts in politics, public relations, culture, agriculture, environment, education, health, and economy, both in Afghanistan and in many parts of the world.

Local Problems Need Local Remedy


The past four decades of war in Afghanistan have not only killed millions of Afghans, but also destroyed their means of living, culture, institutions, and identity. The brain drain and the breakdown of the education institution is yet another tragedy that has pushed the country back to the Stone Age. These issues have had devastating effects not only on Afghans, but they also threaten the peace and security of the rest of the world. Even though this continuous war has cost millions of lives and trillions of dollar, we are still for away from bringing peace and security to that region. People no longer trust their government in Afghanistan; they have lost their hope, and many of the émigrés have come from the educated and professional classes, while many who are still in Afghanistan, are trying to find a way to leave. There are many questions in our minds that need to be answered such as: Why there is always war? How can we end the bloodshed? Why aren’t we able to end the conflict? Is there something basically wrong that we don’t know about? And, finally, isn’t it time to thoroughly reevaluate what is being done to deal with the situation, what works, and what doesn’t?


Every problem has a solution. First you have to diagnose the issue, find the cause of the problem and look for a possible solution. You can do that only if you have unbiased experts on related issues who are able to collect data. Without the involvement and commitment of the local population and foreign experts, it will be impossible to bring peace to the country. The solution to the crises in Afghanistan can be only possible if the international community stops looking the issue of Afghanistan only through its own lens, but also to study how Afghans see the same issue.

Our Goal:

Our objective is to empower civil society, cultivate young leaders, connect Afghans with Afghans, as well as with the rest of the world, and change the war mentality by introducing peace through poetry, music, books, newspapers, media, social gatherings, seminars, speeches, etc.

Our Strategy:

1. We have been in contact with Afghan Intellectuals across the globe in an attempt for them to join us, work with us, share their thoughts, expertise, experiences and resources in order to resolve the many challenges we face. We highly appreciate the recommendations of none afghan friends across the world. We also gladly accept donor contributions that resonate with our organization’s policy.
2. The social fabric of Afghanistan is one of the most complex structures in the world. One has to grasp the issues, understand the norms and sensitivities of the culture as well as know how to act to reach individuals. Familiarity with the afghan culture would go a long way toward accomplishing these goals For this purpose, we have been working with well-respected Afghan intellectuals at home as well as outside the country.
3. In the past four decades of wars, Afghan educational institutions have been destroyed and those Afghans living in neighboring countries were kept in dark. Educated people who escaped persecutions were either assassinated or left for Europe, Canada, Australia, and the United States of America. The consequences of the lack of leadership not only instigated diverse problems, but also it has created a big headache for the rest of the world. To address such shortcomings, we are going to help to recruit and train young leaders as well as to encourage exiled intellectuals to return to Afghanistan to fill the gap. Our organization will also be in contact with various universities around the world to seek scholarships for gifted Afghan Students.
4. To keep in touch with various grassroots organizations, both in Afghanistan and around the world, our organization plans to hold seminars and cultural, and social events. Our goal is to connect different individuals in a healthy and hopeful manner.
5. In order to serve the interests of Afghans and gain their trust, we search for ways to help those who need assistance in searching for jobs, housing, and education. We will also seek resources to help those who are in urgent need, such as health related and other basic issues.
6. We will support and assist writers with their outstanding work to be published. Our committee of evaluation will look the work of different candidates and select the best among them. Because of the continues war in Afghanistan, millions of our fellow Afghans left their country in search of refuge in different parts of the world. Our organization is committed to use all its possibilities to interconnect them, guide them and help them.
7. We will fight poverty through projects designed to help provide jobs, necessary tools and education to improve the living standard.
8. Because of the endless war in Afghanistan, there are conflicts in different levels in that society. We will work diligently to mediate and help in the resolution of disputes. Based on our capacity, we will provide legal assistance to those who are not able to defend their rights.
The general goal of our organization is to work with unbiased individuals and groups in order to help heal the problems in Afghanistan. Inflammatory rhetoric or any kind of discrimination based on one’s belief, culture, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, or background will not be tolerated.

Afghan Intellectuals' Global Community

Meeting with Majeed Qarar, Cultural Attache at the Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington DC.

Afghan intellectuals' Global Community was honored to meet Mr. Majeed Qarar and present him a certificate of appreciation for his hard work, dedication and patriotism. Auguest 22, 2018

Honoring our hero and remembering the Victims of Terrorism